Gulf Formula ULE 5W-40


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Pack Size: 200L | 20L |5L | 1L

Advanced performance,mid SAPS, full synthetic ultra-low-emission passenger car engine oil that exceeds the latest performance requirements for low emission oils from leading car maunfacturers eg BMW , Daimler and Porsche

For Use: Recommended for Porsche cars (except Cayenne V6) for long drain and Cayenne diesel. Plus modern passenger cars, SUV’s, light vans and trucks with petrol or diesel engines requiring API SN and ACEA C3 quality oils.

ApprovalsVW 502 /505 /505 01 | Mercedes-Benz 229.51 | BMW Longlife-04 | Porsche A40

SpecificationsACEA C3 | API SN | Ford WSS-M2C917-A

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