Gulf Racing Brake Fluid RF800 | 0.5L


Manufactured in England. Glycol based with exceptionally high boiling points to provide braking reliability under extreme race conditions. Please refer to the PDS for full product information

Product Description

Gulf Competition high performance brake fluids are glycol based and designed for use in cars and motorbikes under race and rally conditions. They exceed the specifications of the FMVSS 116 Dot 4 and have exceptionally high boiling points of over 300°C – one of the highest of the market for glycol based products.This feature distinguishes them from standard high performance brake fluids, as they are suitable for use even when brake discs are get so hot they start to glow orange-red.

Gulf Competition Brake Fluids are available in two versions RF 800 and RF1000, with typical equilibrium reflex boiling points (ERBP’s) of 305 and 325°C

They also provide excellent oxidation stability and are formulated to inhibit the the corrosion of metallic components in brake systems.